Terms of Use

Your privacy is critically important to us.

These terms of use should be read and understood by all members of this forum. You should abide by them during your presence on the site. We, at digie forum, believe in adding value to your life. Thus, we have structured terms of use in a way that benefits all the members in the best possible way.

Appropriate Username

We give users the option to pick any name that they want. You can choose your real name or a nickname to interact with others on the site. However, the name shouldn’t be offensive to others. Use an appropriate name as other members will identify you with it. You can change username at any time by going to the profile section.

Appropriate Avatar

You can put your own picture as an avatar or take a photo from the internet and use it for this purpose. The members will be able to see your avatar as you cannot make it private. So, choose an appropriate picture that is neither offensive nor obscene. Moreover, do not put advertisement related content in your profile photo.

Clean Profile Bio

The profile bio is any information that you want to show to the profile visitors. It can be your qualification, experience or any other content like quotations, taglines or jokes. However, the content in the profile should be clean and appropriate. Do not add any advertising or offending content.

Do Not Share Your Login Details

Sharing your login details is always a bad practice. Do not share your login details with other members. Misuse of logins can result in the locking of account or other befitting measures against the account holder. Therefore, make sure that only you can post messages with your account.

Respect Copyrights

The information, content and images shared from our end are protected under copyright laws. Hence, do not copy or re-use our content without permission. If someone is found involved in such activity then appropriate action will be taken against that entity. However, downloadable educational material can be shared without permission. The copyrighted information of another website shouldn’t be shared here without permission or attribution. Respect intellectual property rights while keeping the forum productive and useful for all.

Posts by Members aren’t an Endorsement by the Forum

This forum doesn’t endorse anything posted by any member. Do not take the personal inferences, opinions or comments of people as factual information. If you do so and take action based on this info then the forum is in no way accountable for that.

Members are Responsible for Their Posts

Any document, visuals, or text shared under a person’s name become his/her sole responsibility. If you share some scam then the forum has the right to take action against you. Additionally, we do not assume responsibility for members’ content.

The Content on this Forum Becomes Our Property

When you post content in the discussion forums, you permit digiebot.com (parent company of forum.digiebot.com) to display and distribute the content, and to use it for advertising and promotion, including in testimonials. You grant to this site the complete, perpetual, but non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, sub-license, etc. the content in whole or in part, throughout the world, on a royalty-free basis

Please Read Our Privacy Policy

We adhere to best practices in keeping our user’s personally identifiable data, safe and secure. You can read our detailed privacy policy here.

Limitation of Liability

We provide content on this forum on an ‘AS IS’ basis. We do not give warranties of any kind. The forum will not take responsibility for any kind of damage done to the visitor upon using the content shared by forum members.

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