Open Knowledge FAQs

How can I interact on this forum?

You need to get registered in order to start a thread, make comments, like any post or follow some forum member.

How do I get registered?

There is a login popup in the sidebar. Click on the ‘Need an Account’ button and register by entering the username, email address & password.

Do I need to log in every time I come to the forum?

Yes, you have to login every time. However, your browser can also remember the credentials for the site. This way you can login without having to manually enter the details.

How to change my profile picture?

Click on your profile in the upper right corner. Select ‘Account’ from the drop-down menu. It will take you to account settings. You can post the URL of your profile picture, enter a short bio and change password on this page.

How do I follow someone?

If you want to follow someone, open their profile and click on the ‘Follow’ button appearing in the right corner. You can also read all their posts on profile.

Where can I register complaints?

You can register complaints, offer suggestions and ask for assistance on the ‘contact us’ page.

I got scammed by a forum user. What should I do?

This is an open forum. People from around the world can have discussions about cryptocurrency on this forum. There is no way for us to read and moderate every comment. So, the responsibility of background check lies with members. However, you can alert us about a possible scammer. We will do our bit to remove the member or reprimand him about this behaviour.

Why is my comment removed?

Please read forums ’usage guidelines’ . Comment in violation of any of those guidelines will be removed without further notice.

What is Digiebot?

Digiebot is an algorithmic crypto trading software that executes trades on the user’s behalf. Digie has both automated and manual trading systems. It is built by the expert traders of the industry.

What is the Required Experience level for using Digiebot?

Digiebot is best for both newbie traders and expert traders. It requires zero experience to start trading. The interface is simple and easy. Anyone can make a profit by trading with digiebot.

What are the Prerequisites for Starting Trade with Digie?

Digie supports accounts on Binance Exchange and Kraken Exchange. The traders need to have funds in their Binance/Kraken accounts. They can then attach the API with digie and start trading.

How Digie Catches the Market Signal?

Digie uses the Volume, Time & Sales, and Order Books to decide which coin to buy/sell at a particular instance. Digiebot developers have made sure that the trading software uses no lagging indicators.

What is the Profit Percentage of Digiebot?

Promising profit percentage beforehand is illegal. However, the past performance of digie suggests that it closes over 90% of trades in profit.

What is the Subscription Fee for Digiebot?

Digiebot is a cost-effective trading bot. It has four pricing plans available based on the points card. You can get 200 points for 100 dollars. 1 point is exhausted against every trade of $100. Thus, you can do trades up to 20,000 dollars with 200 points.

Why Should I Use Digiebot?

Digiebot is a next-generation trading bot. It functions speedily based on built-in strategies. You can set it once and forget about it. The bot will make sure to close every trade in profit.The money management system of digie diversifies the users’ portfolio to hedge risk. It accumulates and tops up your account with more assets with time.Digiebot stands out in competition with its success in the past three years. So start trading with digie and join the community of more than 6000 successful crypto traders.

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